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Molar mass: 260.33 g/mol
Formula: C12H24N2O4
Drug class: Carbamate
Trade name: Soma, others
Onset of action: Rapid
Elimination half-life: 2.5 hours


The purchase of Soma.

Buy Soma Online, it seems that the easiest way to get the medication is to buy Soma online. It is difficult to recommend any other ways of buying medicine except this one. When you buy Soma online you are automatically released from a lot of inconveniences that can arise if you decide to attend offline shopping.

Soma and pain | where to buy soma bras

Buy Soma Online, The patients who even once have had acute pain or those who have chronic pain for many years know Soma as an effective means to suppress the pain sensation. Soma reduces mainly mild pain and moderately strong pain. It takes only forty or fifty minutes to feel the relief. Since Soma has become known to humanity, a great quantity of tablets is sold all over the world every year. Buy Soma Online, Its analgesic effect can be compared with that of morphine and continues for approximately 5 or 6 hours. If the patient has got severe pain, it’s better to use some other medications, which can have more big potential to kill a strong pain. For other situations, Soma is effective and available.

Soma and the forms of issue | aura soma buy

A patient can always choose what form of Soma is suitable for him. It really has a great variety of forms like capsules, tablets, powder, liquids, injections, and others.

Soma and pregnancy | buy generic soma online

Usually, Soma is not permitted to be taken by pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding. It is regarded (on the basis of some studies) that it may cause harm to the newborn and affect the development of the fetus. Still, the researches are ongoing.

The use of Soma for children

Soma can be rarely used by children provided that drug therapy is strictly controlled by the doctor.


Only long-term use of Soma can cause withdrawal syndrome. It can proceed 5 or 7 days after the patient had his last dosage. Sometimes only one day is needed to cope with the dependence. All situations are unique.


Those patients whose health history includes the problems with liver and kidneys must be very careful using Soma.

FAQ’s on Soma

In general, everyone might have certain inquiries and doubts with respect to taking Soma or Carisoprodol, and you may also have the same. If so, please keep on reading the below article in order to find the most applicable answers for all your questions as well as doubts from the most commonly asked questions part.

Moreover, this website endorsed reviews of more information about these drugs especially drug interactions. For example, why Soma or Carisoprodol are not recommending for patients who are taking other drugs or people with pre-existing medical conditions. Thereby, make use of the site and get to know more about these muscle relaxant drugs.

1. Would I be able to get dependent on Soma?

Yes, it is possible to get addicted to Soma when you started taking Soma. With that in mind, you should not misuse the drug such as to lend, borrow, or allowing other people to take your medication supply. And take this medication under the constant guidance or surveillance of your doctor.

When you found something strange with your activities or behavioral changes about using Carisoprodol, please talk about this with your healthcare advisor. This is because patients with addictive tendencies need guidance and assurance with respect to taking muscle relaxants even it is a safe medication.

2. How to store Soma? safe dry place is the highly recommended place to store all type of medications which includes muscle relaxants too and also keep the medication out of the range of any children and people who have a history of addiction such as alcohol or other drug addiction. After the use of the drug, pack the remaining pills as per the instructions and literature mentioned on the top of the Soma tablet label.

3. Is there any expired date for Soma medication?

All prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs will accompany by an expired date. Always keep an eye on the use-by date and if the supply of Carisoprodol is closer to the date, make sure that you have a new supply of pills in hand. In case, the supply of pills remains in your hand after the expired date, you should not use it, and dispose of it in an instructed way. If you do not aware of disposal methods, handle the expired pills to a nearby local pharmacy then they will discard it securely as well as safely.

4. What should I follow when I miss a dose?

While prescribing Soma, your consultant or doctor will specify the time and dosage strength that you should take. If you missed taking a dose at the prescribed time, simply skip the missed one and move to your next dosage schedule instead of taking the double dose because such sort of practice will put your health in a very risky condition and cause harmful dangers too. Doubts in regards to missed dose, call your medical practitioner who prescribed you to take Carisoprodol in order to get an expert exhortation.

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