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BUY Micro Mushrooms In the world of psychedelics, a “micro” dose is an amount that is considered sub-perceptual for the user – not intended to get you “high” or drastically affect your perception in any way, but utilizing the drug in lower doses for a variety of alternative benefits.

Users micro-dosing psychedelic mushrooms typically do so to combat depression or anxiety, enhance their creativity, energy levels, focus, and senses overall – often with amazing results. Micro mushrooms

Our microdoses contain a custom blend of our Cubensis and Mexicana strains, packaged in easy to swallow capsules in .2 gram doses (1/5th of a gram.) Buy Now

Why Microdose with Psilocybin Mushrooms (versus Taking a Full Dose)

Taking regular large doses of psychedelic mushrooms might not be a feasible long-term plan for most people. I mean, who has time to set aside multiple days in a row to have soul illuminating realizations about reality and the cosmos, let alone one day?  (Well, actually… a lot of people, as it turns out.) However… if you are in the category of people who happen to work a regular job, have a family structure to uphold, or engage in any other number of activities and commitments to fill your day with, tripping on mushrooms can end up seeming like a pretty low priority. So micro-dosing is a good idea for people who want to be able to have the mind-expanding and therapeutic health benefits of magic mushrooms while still being able to do the laundry.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is the regular use of tiny amounts of a psychedelic substance. For instance the substance: Psilocybin in mushrooms and magic truffles. Tiny amounts are amounts as low as 0.2 grams, up to 0,7 grams from magic mushrooms. These are just above the threshold for the substance to become active and noticeable in the human body. As the dose is very low it does not induce hallucinations or other effects known as a magic mushroom trip ( a macro-dose).

The micro-dose is used regularly, Every other day or following a microdose schedule.

Microdosing every other day

A common microdosing schedule looks like this:

  • Day 1: MicroDose Day,
  • Day 2: Effect Day; Feel (or don’t) the effects of the micro-dose taken the day before
  • Day 3: Resting day; No dose is taken, effects wear off
  • Day 4: MicroDose Day; take your Microdose again.


Follow the schedule for 10 weeks to feel the effects. Repeat the same schedule all this time. Stop if it does not feel right. Lower dose if you feel strong effects, increase the dose if you feel nothing at all.

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